Japan alleviates travel curbs for Singapore, China, seven others

TOKYO(REUTERS) – Japan has eased travel curbs for China, Australia, South Korea and 6 other countries and regions, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said on Friday (Oct 30), as Tokyo steps up efforts to revive its economy while avoiding the spread of the coronavirus.

Japan decreased its infection danger advisory level for Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand, Brunei and Vietnam, besides China, South Korea and Australia, to level two from level 3, informing its citizens to prevent non-urgent, non-essential journeys.

Under the infection risk advisory level of 3, the general public are advised not to take any journeys.

Last month, Singapore and Japan released a”residence track”for service executives and specialists who are work pass holders, along with a reciprocal green lane, or” business track “, catering primarily for short-term company travellers and official travel in between both countries. This will help restore connection and support financial healing

for Japan and Singapore, both countries’foreign affairs ministries stated in an earlier joint statement. Both sides have been in discussions since July on the home track, stated

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adding that the necessary public health safeguards will be in location for the arrangements. For the business track, safeguards include pre-departure and post-arrival testing

, along with the need to abide by a regulated itinerary for the very first 2 week

in the receiving nation.

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